Pokemon Go has become a nationwide craze, and Red Bank is an ideal place to catch ‘em all! For the past week, hundreds of people have been roaming the streets, exploring Red Bank’s downtown area and waterfront parks with their friends in search of Pokemon. Among the highlights we’ve spotted this week are a set of parents chasing after their little kid dressed as Pokemon hero Ash Ketchum, a Jeep driving through town blasting the Pokemon theme song, and groups of dozens of strangers working together to find a rare Pokemon. Go Red Bank has your guide to the best spots in town to find that last Weedle you need for a Beedrill, or something brand new to add to your Pokedex.

The Top 4 Pokemon Go Spots in Red Bank

  • Riverside Gardens Park -There are two PokeStops in Riverside Garden Parks and they are often lit up by lures.
  • The Dublin House – Sitting in the outdoor courtyard of the Dublin House, you can take advantage of two PokeStops (The Dublin House itself and the Liffey Quay Mural) which people often equip with Pokemon lures to increase wild Pokemon encounters.
  • Trap Door Escape Room – Right outside the Trap Door Escape room is a spot where you can use three PokeStops at a time (Trinity Church, The Hobbymasters Mural, and the Monmouth Conservatory of Music).
  • Marine Park – In addition to offering four PokeStops and a Gym, Marine Park has been the site of several rare Pokemon sightings for the past few nights, such as Scyther and Dratini.

Red Bank’s Pokemon Gyms

Want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Take over an enemy gym, or help out your own team, at any of these Red Bank Pokemon Gym locations:

  • First Church of Christ (Broad St)

Red Bank’s PokeStops

In addition to the ones we’ve already mentioned, here are some other notable Red Bank PokeStops:

  • Red Bank War Memorial
  • The Old Century Clock (Broad St)

Good luck and have fun catching ‘em all!

(…and remember to look both ways before crossing the street. That Jigglypuff is not worth your life.)